Is It Too Late to Improve Your MBE® Performance?

Student practicing tips on ow to improve MBE performance

As the bar exam draws nearer, it’s reasonable to be concerned about your performance—especially on the MBE. Luckily, it’s not too late to improve your MBE performance! Now is the perfect time to buckle down and elevate your studying. 

Answer MBE Questions 

Put aside the lectures and outlines, and start answering MBE questions. This practice will make you more comfortable with multiple-choice questions and allow you to improve your test-taking strategies. Better yet, practice with real MBE questions. The NCBE®, the organization that drafts the MBE, writes in a particular style and tests concepts in a certain way. As a result, MBE questions from past bar exams are the best way to prepare and gauge your performance. Although most bar review programs only offer simulated MBE questions, UWorld’s MBE QBank has over 1,375+ real MBE questions at your disposal.  

Understand the Law 

The purpose of the MBE is to assess your understanding of fundamental legal principles and your ability to analyze relevant facts. This assessment means that you have to know and understand the law to pass the test. Even answering thousands of MBE questions won’t help you improve unless you take the time to learn the law and the logic behind each question. Reflect on why you got the answer wrong or right! Read through the explanations for all four answer choices—yes, even the incorrect ones. 

Keep track of questions that you missed or guessed correctly, and revisit these questions later. Create flashcards for any rules that you didn’t know and review them later. You can create custom flashcards in the UWorld MBE QBank, making the flashcards easily accessible from your phone, tablet, or computer. If you’re struggling to remember all the rules tested on the MBE, use these tips to improve your retention.  

Focus on Highly-Tested Topics 

There are hundreds of rules that can be tested on the MBE. However, the NCBE has identified the most heavily-tested topics for each subject in its MBE Subject Matter Outline. As the bar exam draws closer, focus on mastering these high-yield topics instead of worrying about learning every aspect of every rule. If you’re already comfortable with a subject, dedicate more study time to your weaker areas. This extra focus will help improve your performance in those areas on the MBE.

Simulate Test Conditions 

On MBE day, you will have three hours to complete 100 questions in the morning and again in the afternoon. This time allotment challenges your mental stamina and gives you less than 1 minute and 50 seconds to answer each question. How do you prepare for this seemingly impossible feat? Practice!  

Create shorter practice tests and work your way up to 100 questions. Practice the strategies that you will use on exam day. First, always read the call of the question and then highlight the relevant facts as you read the rest of the problem. Simulate exam settings by using the assessment test provided in UWorld’s MBE QBank. It contains 200 of the most recent MBE questions released by the NCBE, so you’ll get a realistic glimpse of what to expect on the actual exam.  

Be Confident 

You still have plenty of time to prepare for the bar exam, so don’t give up! Use these tips to stay motivated and take advantage of the next few weeks. Answering actual MBE questions will help you learn the law, identify how the law is tested, and improve your timing. By applying these tips, you will improve your MBE performance. You can do this! Good luck! 

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