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Everything you need to pass the bar exam with confidence
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Themis Bar Review + UWorld MBE QBank = Bar Exam Mastery

Themis Bar Review is now an official member of the UWorld Family. Together we maximize your chances of passing the bar by providing you with the best bar prep materials, including in-depth explanations, for both incorrect and correct answers, vivid illustrations, and charts to help you master each section of the bar. We combine proven learning methods with an online approach to bring you the ultimate modern, on-demand bar review course.

Our bar prep bundle includes 4,000+ MBE® questions, 100+ practice essays from past exams, on-demand lectures with corresponding handouts, comprehensive outlines, and 22 MPT questions from previously administered bar exams.

We Cover Every Section of Bar the Exam

Multistate Bar Exam (MBE)

  • 4,000+ MBE-style questions, including all available licensed NCBE® questions
  • 4 practice exams, including a complete 200-question simulated MBE assessment exam
  • Skills workshops for each subject to identify frequently tested issues

Multistate Essay Exam (MEE)

  • Unlimited essay grading from a bank of 100+ essays from past bar exams
  • Personalized feedback from a dedicated attorney essay grader
  • Essay skills workshops that teach techniques for every tested topic

Multistate Performance Test (MPT)

  • Includes questions from 22 previously administered bar exams
  • Workshop that highlights commonly tested bar exam questions
  • Tools for improving organizational and writing skills

Key Features

Adaptive Calendar

Daily assignments adapt based on your performance and progress

On-Demand Lectures

15–20-minute chapters improve
 retention and combat mental fatigue

Assessment Questions

Review questions reinforce legal concepts after every lecture

Performance Analytics

Track your performance and compare
 your progress with others

Digital Flashcards

Over 300 premade exam-style flashcards or create your own

Comprehensive Outlines

Expert summaries
of all tested subjects

Why choose us?

Practice with Real Questions

Create unlimited practice tests with NCBE® licensed questions
to take the bar exam with more confidence and less stress.

Instructional Outlines

Detailed outlines and shorter, condensed summaries to understand legal concepts faster and more efficiently.

Pass Guarantee

Unsuccessful first-time takers get a free repeat of their
jurisdiction’s next course.

Published Pass Rates

Consistently published pass rates are proof of our history of
student success.

Unparalleled Service

Our experienced bar exam experts offer feedback and provide guidance.
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Everything you need to pass the bar with confidence.

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