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Notes With My Notebook

Effortlessly compile award-winning Multistate Bar Examination (MBE®) study material into My Notebook, a digital notebook designed for candidates like you. Annotate your notes based on your preferences and review them from anywhere. Save time by studying only the content you deem necessary.
UWorld MBE Qbank My NoteBook Interface

My Notebook
Features & Benefits

All of your bar exam notes in one place, customize it to work the way you do.

Create Unlimited,
Customizable Notes

Make all the tabs you need, just the way you want them.

Find Content With
Enhanced Search

Rapidly retrieve specific notes via titles, internal text, and custom tags.

Link Your Content
Between QBanks

Move notebook content across QBanks from past to current subscriptions.

Quickly Transfer Content

Simply highlight the text and illustrations you want to save from our QBank and select “Notebook.” When My Notebook pops up, select the tab you would like to transfer the content into and paste it by moving your cursor on the page.

Quickly Transfer Content

Create New
Entries from Scratch

Create New
Entries from Scratch

Intuitively create new tabs with the plus sign (+) in My Notebook. Name tabs and enter custom text to better organize your notes or incorporate study material from other resources.

Personalize Your Notebook

Click-and-drag entries to organize content as you go, add unique tags for straightforward searching, and annotate text to leave a personal touch. My Notebook was created to be as adaptive as possible to optimize your study experience.

Personalize Your Notebook

Stay Exam Ready,
Even on the Go

Stay Exam Ready,
Even on the Go

My Notebook is fully accessible on the UWorld MBE® QBank Bar Prep app. Your content is saved and synced across devices, so you’ll never miss a beat in your study. Download it today from Google Play or the Apple App Store.

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How to Take Notes From UWorld Legal

Take notes without breaking concentration as you work through the UWorld MBE QBank and review our in-depth answer
explanations for each answer choice. Follow the tips below to get the most out of My Notebook.

At UWorld, we believe in the efficacy of active learning. It’s not enough to copy and paste QBank content chunks into My Notebook. Instead, treat source content as a launching point. Translating and annotating the material through your unique lens forces you to reconsider concepts from various perspectives, make novel connections, and cement the information in your memory.
Visual learning has been scientifically proven to increase retention and recall. That’s why our MBE QBank is fitted with professionally-produced illustrations, charts, and graphs that help breakdown complex rules of law. We encourage you to transfer any helpful visual content to My Notebook and add your own clarifying text.
Bold, italicize, underline, highlight, bullet point, generate tables, and more, with our built-in word processor features. Give the content a second visit as you format your notes to fit your learning style.
Detailed, perfectly formatted notes are only helpful if you can find them. Create new notes as you move through the MBE QBank and rearrange and retitle entries as needed. This will help keep related content together. Add up to six custom “tags” to any note for unique searches.

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Frequently Asked Questions

My Notebook is a fully customizable digital notebook that allows for seamless content transfer and mobile viewing. You decide what topics to summarize or include in detail, from our award-winning platform.
Yes, your UWorld MBE QBank Bar Prep progress is saved and synced across devices. This means you can review My Notebook anywhere with your tablet or smartphone.
UWorld Notes are not pre-filled in My Notebook. You can source content from our QBank to MyNotebook, customize it, or create unique notes.
My Notebook material is archived for one year once your subscription expires. It is retrievable within that time period upon request with a new subscription.
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