Why UWorld MBE?

UWorld has helped thousands of professionals prepare for the bar exam and go on to thrive in their professional careers. We are more than a test prep company. We believe that superior exam results are the byproduct of a fundamental understanding of legal principles paired with focused study. It’s not enough to know the right answer, you must understand why it is right or wrong.

We’ve Been Where You’re Going

In the late 90s, a young working-class Indian medical student working through postgraduate study was confronted with a problem—low-quality but expensive test prep materials. Having studied the learning pyramid, he understood that there were more effective ways to understand and retain complex information—active practice and teaching others. His idea was simple:

"If practice questions felt like the actual exam, then the real thing would feel as easy as practice."

He began writing case-based learning questions for the US Medical Licensing Exam in his dorm room while maintaining a full residency schedule. With slow and steady progress, he created a 200-page review and study guide and decided to publish it.

The publishers' reply? Come back when you're a doctor.

Instead, he and his wife typed everything up on the early internet and, with the help of his brother and his dorm-mate, created a website to offer the materials for a small fee. It took off. What had begun as Dr. Chandra Pemmasani's passion project became USMLE World (later renamed UWorld).

We’ve been where you’re going. Dr. Pemmasani, his brother, and his former dorm mate still run the company, and while its scope and size have developed, the idea behind it has remained the same:

"Superior exam scores are a natural byproduct of focused study."

Today, UWorld is an industry leader in medical licensing, nursing, pharmacy, premed, accounting exam prep, and college exam prep. 20+ years of experience, over 500 employees, a passionate team of legal experts and professionals, and an obsession with quality—this is what UWorld Legal Bar Prep offers.

We train you to become a top-tier legal professional. Superior exam scores are just the natural byproduct.

What Sets Us Apart?

Other bar test prep companies lure you in with competitive pricing only to upsell you with critical add-ons. With UWorld, what you see is what you get. We offer everything you need to pass the bar with confidence in one place—Content curated by our premier in-house team of attorneys and law professors, augmented with pioneering pedagogical science, and delivered to you on a seamless digital platform. Furthermore, Themis, the only company that publishes its pass rates, has recently joined the UWorld Family to add to our already comprehensive materials.

Student Focus

Everything we do positively impacts student learning. We are trusted to deliver the highest quality, so students will succeed.


We innovate to serve students, drive our growth and win our markets. We’re curious, try new things and aren’t afraid of taking risk.


We reduce complexity in our questions, our explanations and our delivery. We make really hard stuff easy to understand.


We work together to achieve shared goals to accomplish great things. We share ideas, collaborate, and respect each other.

Intellectual Honesty

Our work is challenging. We receive feedback, learn from our mistakes, and continuously improve to achieve superior results.

Driving Results

We deliver amazing products. We prioritize, making the best use of our time and our team’s time to deliver the greatest impact for UWorld.

A Formula for Success

Since we launched UWorld MBE Qbank for bar exam prep in February of 2020, UWorld has quickly transformed from an unknown underdog into a leader in high-stakes bar exam prep in legal. UWorld’s formula for success is simple but unique:

  • A team of distinguished in-house legal experts to develop content
  • A meticulously curated test bank that closely replicates real Multistate Bar Examination (MBE®) questions and exams
  • Thorough explanations of elemental principles
  • UWorld’s 20 years of experience as a leader in helping millions of students pass various high-stakes exams.

 #1 Major  

Uworld Logo

Superior Value

Everything you need to pass the MBE Exam as low as $419*

All Digital Platform

eLearning built to leverage all digital devices providing everything needed to pass the exam

Culture of Innovation

We're an agile, data driven business committed to giving the most current, relevant content

Comprehensive Explanations

Detailed rationales for all answer options. Practical, professionally-produced illustrations

Designed With You in Mind

Our intuitive digital interface includes advanced note-taking functionality and flashcards

Exam Level Difficulty

At UWorld, we offer thousands of MBE practice questions at or above exam difficulty, including the licensed National Conference of Bar Examiners (NCBE®) questions from prior bar exams. We intend to replicate the actual exam so precisely and thoroughly that the exam day feels like a painless practice test.

We are Legal Professionals

All non-NBCE licensed questions and content have been curated by our in-house, highly-esteemed team of lawyers and legal industry professionals. With exemplary exam scores and decades of legal and educational experience between them, you can be sure that our content is unrivaled.

Pushing Legal Education Forward

UWorld also offers an integrated Learning Platform for Law Schools to increase your law school’s pass rates and improve overall standing. Faculty can measure individual and cohort performance, customize reporting, monitor proficiency, and assign questions for remediation. Our mission is to help educators open doors for enterprising students. It’s time to raise the bar and cultivate exemplary legal professionals.

Award-Winning Leader in Education Technology

UWorld’s pursuit of excellence in education technology has not gone unnoticed. At the 2022 EdTech Awards, UWorld was honored as the overall winner in the Mobile App Solution category and was a finalist in the following seven categories:

  • College Prep Solution: UWorld College Readiness: Learning Tools for SAT® and ACT® Exams
  • Curriculum and Instruction Solution: UWorld PA Learning Platform
  • Higher Education Solution: UWorld PA Learning Platform
  • Learning Management System (LMS) Solution: UWorld CFA Learning Platform
  • New Product or Service (Released in 2018 or Later): UWorld PA QBank
  • Test Prep Solution: UWorld CFA QBank
  • Testing & Assessment Solution: UWorld CFA Learning Platform
GSV Global EdTech 150 2020 Member
GSV Global EdTech 150
2020 Member
The 50 most transformational high-growth companies in education technology
Digital Education Awards ®
Digital Education
Awards® Finalist
Stevie Award winner for Achievement in Product Innovation
Forbes Small Giants Finalist
Forbes Small
Giants Finalist
Identified as America’s best small companies committed to greatness over fast growth
Dallas Business Journal Minority Leader
Dallas Business Journal
Minority Leader
UWorld CEO recognized for distinguished track records in advocating for others in their communities and workplaces

What can you expect from UWorld for Bar Exam Prep?

At UWorld, we believe that bar exam success is not just a function of how much you practice; it’s also about the quality of the learning tools you use to prepare.

The exam prep industry is full of buzzwords such as artificial intelligence, adaptive learning, predictive analytics, etc., which tout improving student outcomes. However, adaptive learning technology is still a long way from effectively enhancing individual students’ learning abilities. For example, answering real property questions at a higher frequency than constitutional law questions may indicate that you’re grasping real property concepts. It could also mean that you answered these questions correctly without fully understanding why you were right.

This example shows how it can be dangerous to change the questions you encounter based on predictive analytics. Students have different learning processes, and performance in various subjects fluctuates throughout bar prep. At UWorld, we innovate where it matters most.

  • Leverage our Digital Flashcards
  • Brilliant Visualization of Key Concepts
  • Content Paired with Bite Sized Video Lectures
  • Thorough Explanations of Answers
  • Create Digital Notes with My Notebook
  • Mobile Apps for On-the-Go Access
  • Pick Up Where you Left Off From Any Device
  • Track your Performance and Target Weaknesses
  • Compare Results with our Peers Across UWorld
  • Unlimited, Exam-Difficulty, Customizable Practice Tests
  • Dark Mode to make it easy on eyes
  • Cross Out Wrong Answers
  • Digital Highlighting Feature
  • Quickly Return to Questions with Bookmarks

Learning Style: Understand Difficult Concepts with UWorld

The empirical data is clear—active learning is superior to passive learning in improving student outcomes. According to The Neuroscience of Active Learning, we learn more effectively when multiple neural pathways are activated simultaneously. Cornell University agrees, stating in its teaching resources that, “incorporating active learning strategies into university courses significantly enhances student learning experiences.” So what exactly is active learning?

Active learning rests on three principles: learn by doing, learn with focus, and simplify your learning:

Learn by Doing

Unlimited mock exams assembled from content crafted by our premier team of legal professionals at or above exam-level difficulty.

Learn with Focus

UWorld MBE study materials have been curated and organized by experts and our performance metrics allow you to focus on what’s immediately relevant.

Simplify your Learning

Our combination of technology with scientifically proven pedagogical methods makes a minute with UWorld worth 15 with traditional methods.

UWorld’s active learning approach maximizes retention while eliminating inefficient study time. Take our visual aids as an example, one study found that after three days their subject retained 10-20% of spoken or written information. In contrast, they retained 65% of the visual information they consumed. This is why we incorporate high-quality charts, images, graphs, and diagrams into our flashcards and answer explanations.

UWorld MBE Students Testimonials

Your success is how we gauge the quality of our product. We receive hundreds of reviews from law students every day. Here is what they’re saying:

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