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How UWorld Legal Came to Be​

You may be thinking, “Who is UWorld? I’ve never heard of them, so why should I use them to pass the bar?” UWorld may be new to the bar exam segment, but we have been helping medical professionals pass high-stakes exams since 2003. Although we started as an unknown brand, we quickly became a trusted leader and an integral part of the success of aspiring medical practitioners. 

We then applied our meticulous and proven process for developing exceptional educational content to help finance and accounting professionals. We figured it was time to support future legal professionals like you. The reasons we’ve been able to succeed in helping hundreds of thousands of medical professionals are precisely the reasons that distinguish us from other bar prep companies. 

Leveraging our extensive content development experience, we assembled a team of top-notch attorneys and law professors to create a robust MBE® prep solution. No matter who you use to prepare for the bar, the UWorld MBE® Question Bank (QBank) with over 1,375+ licensed NCBE® questions can be the perfect supplement to boost your MBE score.

To ensure that each question was relevant and up-to-date, our legal team carefully reviewed each licensed question to ensure that it reflects what students will see on the actual MBE. But we haven’t stopped there. As sticklers for perfection, our content developers continuously update these questions and the accompanying explanations to keep the content relevant to the latest exam blueprints and to address your feedback.

What Makes Us Different?​​

At UWorld Legal, we believe that bar exam success is not just a function of how much you practice; it’s also about the quality of the tools you use to prepare. It’s great if you’re able to answer a question correctly; it’s even better if you can understand why that answer is correct and why the other answer choices are wrong.

That’s why we obsessively scrutinize every aspect of our explanations. We ensure that you can quickly grasp these essential legal concepts in practice, retain this information, and successfully apply it to similar questions that appear on the real exam.

We understand that each student learns differently, which is why our answer explanations aren’t just text blurbs. Vivid imagery complements our explanations so you can better understand the rationales and remember the underlying rules. These professionally created illustrations provide you with yet another tool to improve your studying, succeed on the bar exam, and get a head-start in your legal career.

We Pay Attention to How Students Learn

The exam prep industry is full of buzzwords such as artificial intelligence, adaptive learning, predictive analytics, etc., which tout improving student outcomes. However, adaptive learning technology is still a long way from effectively enhancing individual students’ learning ability. 

For example, answering real property questions at a higher frequency than constitutional law questions may indicate that you’re grasping real property concepts. It could also mean that you answered these questions correctly without fully understanding why you were right. 

This example shows how it can be dangerous to change the questions you encounter based on predictive analytics. Students have different learning processes, and performance in various subjects fluctuates throughout bar prep.

The UWorld MBE QBank recognizes these challenges and provides you with a variety of tools to manage your unique learning process. You can create custom tests based on the topics you want to focus on. You can also create flashcards and notes in whichever way is most useful to you. This way, you have full control of your study plan.

We also believe that students learn best when they are actively learning. We keep you engaged in your bar prep studies by providing you with practice MBE questions that closely reflect what you will see on the actual exam. 

Learning bar exam content through problem-solving and reflection improves your retention and understanding more than passively listening to lectures. Not only will our active-learning approach help you pass the bar exam, but it will also help you become a better learner.

Our Primary Focus

Our #1 focus is to help our students achieve a successful outcome on high-stakes exams. No matter which bar prep provider you choose to prepare for the bar exam, we want you to take advantage of top-notch resources at an affordable price to achieve your exam goals. The MBE is a significant component in determining your overall bar exam score, and we’ve designed our MBE QBank to maximize your performance.

The UWorld brand is synonymous with an obsession with quality and the go-to provider for medical students preparing for their high-stakes exams. We are confident that our new resource will help you be equally successful in acing the bar exam. We urge you to try our MBE Prep and discover why so many professionals in other industries have embraced us as a trusted exam prep provider.

MBE® is a registered trademark of The National Conference of Bar Examiners® (NCBE®). NCBE does not endorse, promote, or warrant the accuracy or quality of the products or services offered by UWorld Legal.

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