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Supplement your bar prep with more than 2,000+ MBE practice questions,
including 1,375+ NCBE®-licensed questions.
Our MBE QBank includes 200 newly released NCBE® licensed questions
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At UWorld Legal, we provide you with the ultimate learning platform to master every legal subject and subtopic tested on the Multistate Bar Exam. Our active-learning approach and digital platform equips you with personalized tools that help you pass the MBE with confidence.

Featuring comprehensive answer explanations with practical imagery and charts, our MBE practice questions help you analyze and break down difficult legal rules that you will encounter on the bar exam. We have spent more than 20 years helping millions of professionals succeed on high-stakes exams, and in their careers. And here are three things we have learned:


Practice with questions that mimic recent MBE exams.


Learn WHY you got an answer right or wrong, and how to get it right next time.


Don’t study things you already know. Focus on what you don’t.

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Everything You Need To Pass the MBE

Comprehensive Answer Explanations

In-depth answer explanations provide detailed information for every answer choice. Vivid illustrations and charts bring content to life, aiding in visual learning and retention. Step-by-step, problem-solving guidance is provided to help you learn difficult rules of law as you go.

MBE QBank Highlights

Customizable Exams

Create customized exams based on your unique study needs

Mobile Friendly

Mobile app enables studying anytime, anywhere, even on the go

Performance Graphs

Track progress and performance for improvement

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Active-Learning with UWorld MBE QBank

UWorld’s MBE QBank’s combination of an active-learning approach paired with an all online platform engages students with our course material and aids in retention and recall. Our learning tools are designed to help you master legal concepts and demonstrate core competencies needed to succeed on the MBE.


Includes 1,375+ licensed NCBE questions and 600+ simulated UWorld questions.

Looking for the ultimate full bar review course?

Every Themis Bar Review course includes a FREE UWorld MBE QBank subscription
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Now Featuring 200 Newly Released NCBE® Licensed Questions

Our MBE QBank features an Assessment exam with 200 recently released questions by the NCBE. This assessment is designed to simulate a full-length MBE and includes an answer key and detailed explanations for correct and incorrect answer choices.

Total QBank Questions: 1,816

Self-Assessment Questions: 400

NCBE® Licensed Questions: 1,575+