UWorld MBE® QBank Update: Introducing New Flashcard Features

Introducing New Flashcard Features

A Brain Hacking Tool to Improve Your MBE Performance

We’re pleased to introduce smart flashcards with integrated spaced repetition, which let you take advantage of scientifically proven learning techniques for effective learning. Plus, we’ve added multiple new flashcard features, including a Browse section that makes it easier for you to create and organize your flashcards and a Study section that lets you review your flashcards with spaced repetition.

Getting Started: Using the New Features

Within the practice test interface, you have a “Flashcards” pop-up that’s easy to search, move, and expand. The pop-up allows you to make a new flashcard or add content to one you’ve already created. You can transfer written and visual content to both sides of the card, add unique notes, and create custom tags for improved searchability. Any flashcards you create will automatically be made available in your future study sessions.

When you’re ready to review your flashcards, you now have two options: “Browse” and “Study.”

Browse Feature

Within “Browse,” you have an expanded set of features, including the ability to create new flashcards and improved filtering functionality. You can also organize and edit your decks and search for your flashcards based on card content or the tags you created.

Study Feature

Within “Study,” you can review your flashcards using spaced repetition. We’ve integrated the study technology that allows you to see difficult information more frequently until you’ve mastered it, then decreases the frequency, so your brain is challenged to retain information over the long term.

How To Use These Features to Help You in Your Studies

Create and Review Flashcards Quickly

A ‘Flashcards’ pop-up within the test interface lets you add any UWorld content to a new or existing flashcard in mere seconds, and the cards you create will automatically be made available in your future study sessions.


Find and Organize Flashcards Conveniently

When you’re searching for a particular flashcard or organizing your decks, expanded filters (e.g., Subject, System) help you quickly identify the material you want to review.

Hack Your Brain With Integrated Spaced Repetition

Customizable study sessions with spaced repetition are now integrated within the Study section of the QBank, enabling you to use this proven study method with flashcards containing UWorld content. Spaced repetition is a simple yet highly effective learning approach because it deliberately hacks the way your brain works.

To start using these new enhanced flashcard features, log in to your MBE QBank now!

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