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Learning Platform for Law Schools

Developed from educator feedback, our new Learning Platform for Law Schools gives you all the tools you need to incorporate formative and summative assessments into your curriculum. Whether creating assignments from licensed MBE questions or monitoring student performance, our Learning Platform empowers you to support and guide your students to succeed in law school and on the bar exam. With thousands of multiple-choice questions and in-depth explanations at the law to particular factual scenarios.

The results? Enhanced learning. Targeted intervention. Law mastery. Exam success.

How It Works

  • Receive access to over 2,200 practice questions, including 1,575+ NCBE®-licensed questions, that can be assigned to your students
  • Review innovative, content-rich answer rationales, which are enhanced with practical illustrations to foster concept mastery
  • Monitor student performance using robust reporting features to identify strengths and weaknesses.
  • Create customized, targeted assignments for students who need extra attention to improve

Administrator Insights

Performance & Progress

Measure cohort performance and individual students’ progress

Assign Questions

Monitor proficiency and assign questions for remediation

Intuitive Analysis Reports

Export reports for easy analysis and compare cohorts over time

Formative and Summative Assessments

Our Learning Platform makes it easy for you to create formative and summative assessments by assigning MBE-style questions from our UWorld MBE QBank to supplement or reinforce concepts presented in your curriculum and to measure your students’ degree of learning.

Utilizing UWorld’s Learning Platform to generate assessments throughout the law school program enables you to provide constructive feedback to 1L, 2L, and even 3L students, evaluate their progress, and identify opportunities for remediation.

  • Offer individualized feedback to students to maximize the effectiveness of formative and summative assessments.
  • Use our customizable assessment tool to help students succeed in law school and prepare for the bar exam Create assignments using expertly-crafted and NCBE-licensed multiple choice questions at designated intervals to monitor student performance
  • Drive mastery of legal concepts by guiding students through in-depth explanations with visual aids
  • Encourage students to use flashcards with spaced repetition to remember all the rules on test day

Test-takers worldwide recognize UWorld as the gold standard for high-stakes exam preparation — that’s why, since our founding, more than 2 million students have used our products for their exam licensure prep. With thousands of assignable MBE-relevant questions and thorough explanations, law schools can now take advantage of our Learning Platform to deliver streamlined instruction, assignment, and remediation.

Discover the UWorld Difference.

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