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50 Exam-Level Questions

Choose up to 50 MBE-style questions across all subjects and subtopics written by in-house legal experts to meet or exceed exam-level difficulty.

Targeted Practice Tests

Generate customized practice tests by subject, subtopic, previously incorrect, unused, or custom tag. Simulate exam-day time constraints, or get some help in tutor mode.

Detailed Performance Analytics

Track your progress by subject and topic, compare your results with peers, and identify knowledge gaps so you can spend your time studying exactly what you need.

Customizable Learning Tools

Learn faster and retain longer with spaced-repetition flashcards and a digital MyNotebook. Easily transfer source content, add custom annotations, highlight, and study on the go.

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Get full access 2,000+ MBE-style questions written and routinely updated by in-house attorneys, including 1,375+ of the most recently released NCBE® questions, plus a full-length MBE simulation.

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I love the ability to customize multiple-choice quizzes by topic and number of problems. The instant feedback is wonderful, not to mention the explanations that make topics I struggled with in law school make sense so easily. The MBE... section of the bar exam feels much more manageable now! Read more

Briana S.
I wish I had gotten UWorld at the beginning of the summer to prepare for the July bar. The MBE QBank is great because of the mix of real NCBE questions and a clean, intuitive interface. Will definitely recommend it to all the rising 3Ls!

Clara G.
I really like the visual learning aspect of UWorld. The explanations are very thorough and often include a nice visual. Also, adding these visuals to flashcards is a great feature. The questions are easy to read, and the interface is easy to use.

Jung Y.

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Frequently Asked Questions

50 MBE-style questions, in-depth answer explanations, visual aids, spaced-repetition flashcards, a digital notebook, and detailed performance analytics.
No. You can choose up to 50 MBE QBank questions during your free trial.
No. The free trial is just a sample of the QBank. However, everything you need to pass the MBE the first time is included in the MBE QBank.
The free trial does not include all 2,000+ MBE questions, including 1,375+ NCBE questions, and a full-length MBE simulation exam.
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