Enhance 1L & 3L MBE®
Performance with Diagnostic Exams

What gets measured gets managed. Themis + UWorld’s Diagnostic Exams provide data that identifies students of concern and shared student weaknesses. Use intuitive reports to develop targeted strategies to improve student outcomes.
Themis + Uworld demo practice exam on laptop.

Assess. Diagnose. Remediate.

Each student's learning journey is unique. Don't waste time covering what they already know.
Discover exactly where they need to improve.


Simulate the actual MBE with exam-level questions and exam-like time constraints.


Understand student & cohort weaknesses with intuitively structured reports.

Expert Guidance

Develop curricula and assignments based on student needs.

Turn Data into an Action

Empower your students with the information they need to identify their weaknesses,
fill knowledge gaps, and feel confident for the bar exam.

Exam-Level Assessment

Prepare your students with questions on highly tested issues. Each question has either been written by our in-house attorneys to meet or exceed exam-level difficulty and reflect the current MBE format. Plus, exams feature built in time constraints that reflect the pressures of the actual exam.

Exam-Level Assessment

1L - Skills-Based Reporting

1L - Skills-Based Reporting

Each of the 66 questions on the 1L Diagnostic Exam is tied to a cognitive skill—foundational concepts, implementation, legal reasoning, and problem-solving. Detailed reports provide individual and cohort performance data, allowing for targeted intervention.

3L - Detailed Answer Explanations

Assess your 3L students with 100 exam-style questions involving the application of the law to particular factual scenarios based on critical MBE issues. Students receive immediate performance analytics, plus a detailed answer explanation and video review for each question.

3L - Detailed Answer Explanations

Dedicated Support

Dedicated Support

Getting set up is simple, and Themis + UWorld's Academic Support Team will be with you at every step. We provide support for student issues, curate reports for each school, and design the course to meet student needs.

Start Improving
Student Outcomes Today

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Themis + UWorld’s Diagnostic Exams benefit law school students by clearly understanding their current knowledge and skill levels in specific legal subjects. They help students identify areas for improvement to develop effective study strategies to enhance their learning outcomes.
Law school faculty can utilize Themis + UWorld’s Diagnostic Exams to assess student performance, identify trends, and make data-driven decisions. They can use the results of diagnostic exams to tailor their curriculum, teaching methods, and support services to meet their students’ needs better.
Yes, Themis + UWorld’s Diagnostic Exams can be used to facilitate individualized learning in law school. By identifying specific areas of strength and weakness for each student, faculties can tailor instruction, provide targeted support, and offer personalized learning experiences to enhance student success.
We recommend providing a Themis + UWorld Diagnostic Exam near the end of 1L and 3L so that you can gather insights and use them to develop your second and third-year curricula.
Diagnostics Exams empower students to identify their weaknesses and see how they’ve progressed. Students can then plan their studies around these weaknesses and focus on filling knowledge gaps.
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