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1,500+ NCBE® licensed and 200+ UWorld simulated MBE questions

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Why UWorld?

UWorld Legal is part of the UWorld brand, the worldwide leader in online learning to prepare for high-stakes exams. At the core of our mission is an obsession with quality, so that students receive only the best in exam prep resources. Our proven, active-learning approach has helped more than 2 million professionals succeed in challenging exams and in their careers. Featuring unrivaled explanations for correct and incorrect answers, our platform helps you master difficult legal principles and MBE concepts. Whether going it alone or with a bar prep course, our Question Bank (QBank) is the perfect supplement to boost your MBE score and ace the bar exam.
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Why choose us?

A partner you can trust

Our active learning approach has helped over 2 million test-takers pass their high-stakes exams.

We use licensed questions

Our full MBE QBank includes 1,350+ NCBE licensed questions and 200+ UWorld simulated questions.

We are legal experts

Our explanations are written by successful attorneys and law professors with expertise in the subjects tested on the MBE.

Detailed rationales and illustrations

Our in-depth explanations and straightforward images, charts, and timelines help you understand and retain difficult legal concepts.

Designed with you in mind

An all-digital interface with advanced note-taking functionality and portability 
to suit your busy lifestyle.

UWorld MBE QBank Highlights

Customizable Exams

Create unlimited online
practice tests

Licensed Questions

1,550+ MBE practice questions
with 1,350+ written by NCBE®

Mobile Friendly

Mobile app enables studying anytime, anywhere, even on the go

Digital Flashcards

Create your own study sets for quick review (statutes, rules, etc.)

Flag Questions

Highlight questions so you can easily review them later

Vivid Images

Illustrations, flowcharts, and timelines to reinforce rules and rationales
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Ace the Bar Exam With UWorld

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