Ways to Remember All the Rules Tested on the MBE®

Law graduates excited to learn about ways to remember all the rules tested on the MBE

At some point during bar prep, you will inevitably ask yourself, “How am I ever going to remember all of this information?” Although it may feel impossible to learn the numerous rules tested on the MBE® and bar exam generally, many study tools can help you conquer this challenge. Here are some ways to remember all the rules tested on the MBE.

Learning Styles

To figure out which study tools to use, you must first identify how you learn best because each person learns differently

  • by reading and writing (verbal learners) 
  • through images and diagrams (visual learners)
  • by listening (auditory learners)
  • through verbal discourse (oral learners)
  • by doing (kinesthetic learners) 

Most people fall into multiple categories. The key is to determine which styles work best for you and incorporate them into your studies. 

Study Tools

One of the best ways to retain information is to study over an extended period and practice retrieving information from memory. How does this apply to bar prep? Most students study for 10 to 12 weeks to prepare for the bar exam, which requires students to retrieve legal rules from memory. The following study tools can help you improve your recall ability. 

1. MBE Practice Questions

Completing MBE-style questions will make you more comfortable with multiple-choice questions and help you understand how concepts are tested. Take time to understand the reasoning behind the correct answer and how to eliminate the alternative answer choices. Keep track of questions that you missed or guessed correctly, and revisit these questions at a later date. This practice will allow you to assess whether you have learned from your mistakes or need to spend a bit more time on the subject. 

2. Flashcards

There are lots of ways to create flashcards. What’s important is that you can understand them. Create and review your flashcards based on your preferred learning style. The flashcards can rely on text or incorporate visuals. You can create them by hand or digitally. You can silently review them or ask someone to quiz you. 

3. Visual Aids

More evidence is emerging that visuals help you recall a concept from your long-term memory better than text. They can also help you make connections between related concepts. Use flowcharts, tables, illustrations, or any other creative or memorable form that makes sense to you. The UWorld MBE QBank is full of visuals; click here for our FREE trial

4. Mnemonic Devices

A catchy or meaningful mnemonic can instill a concept into your long-term memory and lead to easier recall after an extended time. The quicker you can recall a subject with multiple components, the more time you can spend applying that concept to the question being asked. This skill is critical on exam day due to the limited time you have to answer each question. 

5. Group Study

Not everyone is comfortable or able to study with others, but if you are, group study has many benefits. Someone may explain a topic in a way that helps you remember it more easily. A memorable event or study game may help you recall a concept. Group study can also benefit your mental health since you are all going through this stressful time together. 

Final Takeaway

Remember that the bar exam does not require perfection, and no letter grade will be assigned. This scoring system means you don’t need to master every legal rule. You just have to aim for a passing score. The study strategies above will help you remember all the rules tested on the MBE, and you can easily implement them while using UWorld to prepare for the MBE. 

If you are prepping for an upcoming MBE® exam, and you want to make sure you are thoroughly prepared, click here for our FREE trial. We’ll have you ready to ace the MBE on exam day.

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