How To Select the Best Prep Course for Your Bar Exam

How to select the best prep course for your bar exam

Preparing for such a challenging test as the bar exam will feel like a marathon, so building the endurance necessary to remain focused over such a long period can make all the difference. That’s where preparing with a trusted third-party provider comes in.

That said, prep providers aren’t made equal; there are specific features and tools you should look for in a prep provider to maximize your chances of success on the bar exam. Moreover, you must make sure you have a robust study plan. Below are some tips to help you choose the right prep provider and prepare thoroughly for the bar exam.

Choose a Trusted Name: Study with a bar prep provider experienced in preparing candidates for the bar exam. Look for one that continuously vets their multiple-choice questions to ensure that students have access to thousands of multiple-choice questions that replicate the actual exam. Other features you should consider in a bar prep provider as you study include:

  • Interactive skills workshops for every testable multiple-choice question, essay, and your jurisdiction’s Performance Test task.
  • Practice exams that ensure all the historically tested combinations are covered, so students are adequately prepared.
  • A dedicated essay grader with multiple assigned essays and a test bank of licensed essays with sample answers.
  • Early Access to get a head start in preparing for the exam.

Look for Quality Licensed Questions: When preparing for a high-stakes exam, familiarity with the actual exam makes a difference. That’s why preparing with NCBE®-licensed questions that have appeared in previous bar exams is a valuable study strategy.

Practice With MBE Questions: The more MBE-style questions you complete, the more comfortable you’ll become with multiple-choice questions. Strive to understand the rationale behind the correct answer and how to eliminate the incorrect answer choices. Keep track of questions that you answered incorrectly or guessed correctly and revisit them later to learn from your mistakes and identify your weaker subjects.

Use Memory Retention Tools: Most students study for 10 to 12 weeks to prepare for the bar exam, which requires them to remember many legal rules. Below are some benefits prospective students may get from using the UWorld MBE QBank tools, all of which help boost memory retention:

  • Create flashcards: Create and review flashcards according to the learning style that works best for you. You could use flashcards that allow both text and images and create them by hand or digitally. As you study, review your flashcards by yourself or ask a study buddy to quiz you.
  • Study with spaced repetition: The only thing better than flashcards is flashcards with spaced repetition. Spaced repetition is a scientifically proven learning technique known to improve long-term memory retention. It features technology that allows you to see complex information more frequently until you’ve mastered it before decreasing the frequency, challenging your brain to retain information over the long term.
  • Use visual aids: Emerging evidence shows that visuals help you recall a concept from your long-term memory better than text and connect related concepts. Flowcharts, tables, illustrations, etc., help you retain information better.
  • Use mnemonic devices: A catchy or meaningful mnemonic can ingrain data into your long-term memory, making it easier to recall after an extended period. Once you can remember a complex concept quickly, you’ll have more time to apply that concept to the test question. With a limited time to answer each question, this skill is critical for success on exam day.

Our Recommendation

As you consider your many options to study for the bar exam, we highly recommend Themis Bar Review and the UWorld MBE Supplement.

Themis utilizes an online Integrated Learning System with:

  • fully comprehensive outlines, 
  • Over 4,000 practice multiple-choice and essay questions, 
  • multiple simulated exam experiences, 
  • on-demand substantive lectures and skills workshops from the nation’s top law professors, 
  • interactive lecture handouts,
  • post-assessments questions,
  • individualized data metrics, 
  • a personalized schedule to ensure success on any bar exam, including California, and
  • a review of essays by an individually assigned attorney grader who will provide feedback for assigned graded essays and additional submitted essays.

The UWorld MBE QBank lets you practice with over 1,950 NCBE® licensed questions that appeared in previous bar exams, helping you remember the rules with in-depth explanations for both correct and incorrect answers and illustrations, charts, and visual aids. You can also monitor your exam readiness with a full-length assessment that simulates the actual MBE experience.

Final Takeaway

While the bar exam is among the most challenging licensure exams in the country, you can be in the percentile of those who pass. We hope that this article has given you valuable tips to pick the right bar review course and study effectively to pass the bar exam.

We wish you the best of luck with the bar exam!

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